Wacker Neuson Dual View Wheel Dumper DV45

Dual View Wheel Dumper DV45: The next level of the Dual View dumper

The cabin can be rotated when driving at the press of a button on the right joystick. The optional Multi View mode therefore provides the ability to work with a cabin turned to the side in order to have an overview to the side of the machine and the skip. At the press of a button, the cabin is automatically rotated, whereby the operator can concentrate on the primary work. Additional safety features round off the optimal overall package with a maximum payload of {4,200kg} {9,259lb}. The DV45 is simultaneously characterized with the familiar high level of comfort features, the very good stability, and the hydrostatic 4-wheel drive with ECO mode.

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Payload: 4,200 kg
Width: 1,780 mm
Weight: 2,500-3,100 kg
Engine: Perkins
Engine Output: 45.3 hp
Travel Speed: 15.5 mp/h
Gradeability: 63%
Length: 4,400 mm
Skip capacity heaped: 2,400 l
Displacement: 1,663 cm3

Additional Information

Rotating cab

  • The cab, which can be rotated at the push of a button, provides a comprehensive view all around the machine and greatly increases safety for the operator and the surroundings.
  • The electro-hydraulically rotating cab can also be used when turned sideways, in Multi View Mode, and can be rotated while driving. This increases the application areas of the dumper(s).
  • Due to the lateral rotation of the cab, it is possible to work in a very detailed and precise manner, especially when backfilling trenches or working on obstacles, and accidents or damage can be prevented.

Multi View Mode

  • In Multi View mode, the machine can also be operated with the cab turned sideways. This allows the operator to see the entire lateral work environment and empty the load accurately.
  • In Multi View mode, the machine automatically reduces speed for greater safety.

Automatic skip return

  • The skip can be automatically returned to the transport position at the push of a button. The machine can be operated normally during the return of the skip.
  • The operator need not focus on manual return of the skip and can focus on other things, which also brings attention back to the surroundings and the operation and increases safety.

Inclination monitoring

  • If the machine is tilted in an unsafe standing position or becomes unstable, the inclination monitoring intervenes and warns the operator.
  • An optical and an acoustic signal display both the speed limitation with the skip tilted in an unsafe position as well as an unstable machine position. This should make it clear to the operator that he is exposed to an increased risk of accident if he does not pay attention.

Entry and exit possible on both sides

  • The machine can be exited or entered both in the travel direction and against the travel direction.
  • Even with the control panel turned, the operator can exit the machine using the steps installed on both sides.
  • This allows the operator to enter or exit the machine directly without any problems, even if there are obstacles or in confined spaces.

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