Customer Checking Procedure

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The following procedures must be followed:

Security checks

For the customer to be accepted, certain security checks must be carried out as below.

Cash Hires – UK Photo driving licence and two of the below, all of the names and addresses must match that of the Hirer:
  • Driving Licence
  • Official Documents confirming name and address, e.g. Gas, Water, Electric or Council tax bill.
  • Warrant/ID Card with photograph
  • We may request further checks upon delivery
  • Note: A passport is NOT an acceptable ID Check.
  • A Deposit to be paid on Credit or Debit Card: Amount shall relate to Hire Period & Equipment value
Credit Account Hire – Any of the following:
  • The employee is providing a written company order- take the employee’s name.
  • Telephone order with order number- check the name and position in the company of the person ordering.
  • Known person of whom ID previously checked.