Price Per Day £50.00
Price Per Week £100.00
Price Per Month -

Personal Mancage for Forklift or Crane


A secure cage used to transport personnel around site.

The Access Cage is used to reach confined spaces or to provide access to tunnels and shafts. 

The 2 person Access Cage is designed for people to work from it, adjacent to a structure or building.

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Max Load (kg)


Hydraulica Glass Lifter - Dual Circuit

The powerful Hydraulica is a 10 pad 750kg adaptable vacuum lifter. One of it's many features, the Hydraulica comes with two extension arms which not only provide additional support for larger loads, but increases lifting capacity up to 1000kg! Also as standard, the Hydraulica has a cable remote for suction, as well as power tilting between vertical and horizontal. The Hydraulica also comes with a wheeled stand for easy transportation around site, as well as helping protect the Hydraulica from damage when not in use.
1 000
Rotation degree
270, 360
Tilt degree
Price per day £250.00
Price per week £400.00
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Woods Glass Lifter - MRT4 - Dual Circuit + Storage Box

The MRT4 dual circuit vacuum lifter is specially designed for versatility and safety. One of it's main features is that it offers 360 degree rotation with 90 degree tilt, from any rotation position. With the inclusion of extension arms and removable pads as standard, the MRT4 can be configured in to different frame positions to cover most load positions on site.
Rotation degree
Tilt degree
Price per day £180.00
Price per week £280.00
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