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Roadworks and Paving

Please be aware this is our consumer price list. All prices in tables with a Green Table Header INCLUDE VAT. Delivery and collection charges may apply. Fuel and wear charges may apply. Damage is chargeable and the plant must be insured.
If you are a trade customer please see our trade price list (Tables with Yellow table headers), our trade price list is for account holders and excludes VAT.

Pavers and Chippers Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeImagesDescriptionPrice POAMin Paving Width mmMax Paving Width mm
14.07 Telescreed - Mini Tracked - Demag DF40C with 2 operatorsPOA1200 mm2400 mm
14.01Telescreed - Barber Greene BG200 with 2 operatorsPOA1800 mm3600 mm
14.03 Telescreed - Bitelli 650 with 2 operatorsPOA2500 mm4750 mm
(#30) - Gas + Gas oil used will be charged as time sheet
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)
Road Sweepers Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeImagesDescriptionPer HourPer DayPer WeekBrush Width mm
15.04 Pedestrian Controlled Sweeper **0.00£59.40£297.001000mm
15.03 Telehandler Sweeper for a Manitou Buggiscopic *0.00£158.40£792.001500mm
06.03+08A.05Avant with Brush Sweeper0.00£167.64£838.201300 mm
8A.05 Skidsteer Sweeper for a Positrack*0.00£237.60£924.001900mm
15.05 Lorry Road Sweeper - Volvo FL6 14 Johnson - With operator ***0.00£660.00£3300.00
(#31) - * Brush wear charged at 50.00 per 25 mm | **Kerb attachment also available | *** Minimum 5 Hour Hire + Tipping Charge of 120 Per Load.
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)
White Lining Machines Hire / Rental
CodeDescriptionPer DayPer Week
54.01Cold White Lining Trolley£26.40£26.40
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)
Cold Emulsion Sprayers Hire / Rental
CodeDescriptionPer DayPer Week
56.02Non mechanical£26.40£52.80
 (#33) - Cold Emulsion 25lt or 205lt drums available. POA
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)
Hot Emulsion Sprayer Hire / Rental
56.03Tar Sprayer Self Propelled - Gas heating spray bar / lance*Price on Application
(#34) - * Hired with Operator
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)
Kerb Lifters & Cutters Hire / Rental
CodeImagesDescriptionPer DayPer Week
72.04Transport cart - Probst VTK-V - Adjustable paver£13.20£52.80
18.06Vacuum Kerb Lifter - Excavator Attachment - Vacuum Kerb lifter£59.40£297.00
72.01 Vacuum Kerb Lifter - Probst BVB£396.00£396.00
18.08Al Vac Handyman Super two man vaccum slab lifter£33.00£132.00
72.02 Kerb Lifter - Transmanut C/W Forks£158.40£792.00
18.05Kerb Lifter Crane Attachment - Max Load 500kg£19.80£50.16
60.20Kerb lifter - Manual£15.84£46.20
72.03Bucket - Transmanut 4 in 1£2.64£13.20
60.21Kerb Cutter - Guillotine£15.84£52.80
60.06Brick Cutter - Guillotine£13.20£46.20
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)
Planers Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeImage GoogleDescriptionPer Day With OperatorMaximum Milling Depth mmMilling Width mmPDF
08A.03 Planer - Positrack RC100 - Rubber Tracked - With operator - Picks and Fuel charged extra£726.00120 mm450 mm
12.03Cold Mill Planer - Wirtgen W 60 Ri - with Conveyor - With operator - Picks and Fuel charged extra£1452.00210 mm600 mm
12.03-61.07 936 Tractor with Wirtgen WS250 stabilizer - With operator - Picks and Fuel charged extra£1320.00500mm2500mm
Planer Picks charged at 4.50 each.
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)