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Excavator and Mini Digger Hire

Please be aware this is our consumer price list. All prices in tables with a Green Table Header INCLUDE VAT. Delivery and collection charges may apply. Fuel and wear charges may apply. Damage is chargeable and the plant must be insured.
If you are a trade customer please see our trade price list (Tables with Yellow table headers), our trade price list is for account holders and excludes VAT.

Excavators 180° Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeDescriptionPer DayPer WeekWeight TonnesWidth mmHeight mmMax Depth mmMax Load Height mm
03.02Kubota R410 Wheeled loader - Back hoe£101.64£508.203.0 Tonnes1640 mm2445 mm2750 mm2040 B/H 2245 F/S
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)
Excavators 360° with Offset and Blade Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeDescriptionPer DayPer WeekTrack TypeWeight TonnesWidth mmHeight mmMax Depth mmMax Load Height mmPDF
01.26Yanmar SV05 - Narrow Access£118.80£363.00Rubber0.5 Tonnes580 mm1345 mm1200 mm1950 mm
01.13Kubota K008 - 3 - Variable track£69.30£346.50Rubber0.75 Tonnes700 mm to 860 mm1940 mm1720 mm2030 mm
01.22Kubota U15-3 - Variable track - Zero Swing£72.60£346.50Rubber1.5 Tonnes990 mm to 1240 mm2250 mm2310 mm2440 mm
01.18Kubota KX41-3V - Variable track£79.20£372.90Rubber1.6 Tonnes990 mm to 1300 mm2280 mm2380 mm2450 mm
01.22Kubota U17 - Variable track£72.60£346.50Rubber1.7 Tonnes990 mm to 1240 mm2340 mm2310 mm2440 mm
01.19Wacker Neuson ET20 VDS£87.12£435.60Rubber2.0 Tonnes990 mm to 1300 mm2385 mm2600 mm2930 mm
01.19Kubota U-20-3 - Variable track - Zero Swing£87.12£435.60Rubber2.2 Tonnes1400 mm to 1600 mm2275 mm2350 mm2950 mm
01.28Kubota U25-3 - Zero Swing£87.12£435.60Rubber2.5 Tonnes1500 mm2420 mm2820 mm3190 mm
01.29Kubota KX71-3£101.64£508.20Rubber2.8 Tonnes1500 mm2410 mm2870 mm3300 mm
01.23Wacker Neuson 28Z3 - VDS£101.64£508.20Rubber3.0 Tonnes1570 mm2525 mm2640 mm3090 mm
01.23Yanmar VIO30 Zero swing£101.64£508.20Rubber3.3 Tonnes1550 mm2530 mm2800 mm3150 mm
01.23Yanmar VIO35 - Zero swing£101.64£508.20Rubber3.5 Tonnes1550 mm2530 mm3150 mm3420 mm
01.06 - 01.07Kubota KX101-3£101.64£508.20Rubber|Metal3.5 Tonnes1610 mm2375 mm3080 mm3185 mm
01.30Kubota U35-3 Zero Swing£101.64£508.20Rubber3.5 Tonnes1700 mm2440 mm3060 mm3040 mm
01.07Wacker Neuson EZ38 VDS£101.64£508.20Rubber4.0 Tonnes1740 mm2500 mm3360 mm3445 mm
01.11Kubota U45-3 SS Zero Swing - Angle Blade£132.00£660.00Rubber4.5 Tonnes1960 mm2540 mm3400 mm3800 mm
01.31Kubota KX121-3 - 6 way Blade£132.00£660.00Rubber4.5 Tonnes1960 mm2540 mm3510 mm3890 mm
01.21Yanmar VIO50 - Zero Swing£116.16£580.80Rubber4.6 Tonnes1970 mm2640 mm3750 mm3890 mm
01.11Kubota KX161-3£116.16£580.80Rubber5.0 Tonnes1960 mm2540 mm3870 mm3860 mm
01.09Hyundai R555M£116.16£580.80Metal5.0 Tonnes1845 mm2548 mm3820 mm4010 mm
01.21Yanmar VIO55 - Zero swing£116.16£580.80Rubber5.1 Tonnes1990 mm2630 mm3800 mm4280 mm
01.21Wacker Neuson 50z3 VDS£116.16£580.80Rubber5.6 Tonnes1990 mm2570 mm3750 mm3840 mm
01.25Kubota KXO80£158.40£726.00Rubber|Metal8.0 Tonnes2200 mm2540 mm4600 mm5250 mm
01.15Kubota KX080 - Double Boom£184.80£858.00Rubber8.0 Tonnes2200 mm2540 mm4590 mm6210 mm
01.15Wacker Neuson 8003£158.40£726.00Rubber8.0 Tonnes2250 mm2710 mm4580 mm5030 mm
01.16Komatsu PC 138 - Zero swing£198.00£792.00Rubber12.0 Tonnes2730 mm3010 mm4800 mm5250 mm
02.06Wacker Neuson 14504£198.00£792.00Metal15.5 Tonnes2490 mm2785 mm5500 mm6000 mm
(#09) - Also available Post Hole Augers & Breakers. - All Excavators up to and including 2.5 Tonnes are on rubber tracks. All Excavators in this group of 1.5 tonnes plus are fitted with lifting eyes. - All Excavators in this group are fitted with quick hitches.
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)
Excavators 360° Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeImagesDescriptionPer DayPer WeekTrack TypeTonneWidth mmHeight mmMax Depth mmMax Load Height mmMax Reach (Radius)PDF
02.01 Komatsu PC60 - with timber grab£145.20£726.00Metal6.0 Tonne2200 mm2570 mm4100 mm4480 mm
02.02Hitachi EX60-5 - With Blade£125.40£627.00Metal6.0 Tonne2150 mm2570 mm4100 mm4480 mm
02.10Hitachi EX60-3 Long Reach£396.00£825.00Metal6.0 Tonne2300 mm2850 mm9 m Reach9 m Reach
02.06Hitachi ZX130£198.00£792.00Metal13.0 Tonne2500 mm2750 mm6060 mm6460 mm
02.06Samsung SE130£198.00£792.00Metal13.0 Tonne3000 mm3020 mm5510 mm6230 mm
02.11 Case CX130B Long Reach£462.00£1188.00Metal13.0 Tonne2690 mm2740mm10,130 mm11,000 mm13,060 mm
02.07Volvo EC140B£198.00£858.00Metal14.0 Tonne2690 mm2960 mm5300 mm7290 mm
02.08Komatsu PC 210LC-7K£264.00£1056.00Metal21.0 Tonne3085 mm3015 mm6620 mm7110 mm
02.08 Hitachi EX 200-5£264.00£1056.00Metal21.0 Tonne2700 mm2880 mm6150 mm7200 mm
02.11Komatsu PC210 Long Reach£528.00£1188.00Metal21.0 Tonne3080 mm3390 mm11,510 mm11,680 mm15,250 mm
(#10) - All Excavators in this group are fitted with a Quick Hitch.
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)