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Excavator Attachments

Please be aware this is our consumer price list. All prices in tables with a Green Table Header INCLUDE VAT. Delivery and collection charges may apply. Fuel and wear charges may apply. Damage is chargeable and the plant must be insured.
If you are a trade customer please see our trade price list (Tables with Yellow table headers), our trade price list is for account holders and excludes VAT.

Excavator Attachments Hire / Rental
CodeImage GoogleImagesDescriptionPer DayPer Week
04.25Demolition Grab to suit a 3 Tonne Excavator£85.80£396.00
04.25 Demolition Grab to suit a 5 Tonne Excavator£85.80£396.00
04.33Demolition Grab to suit a 8 Tonne Excavator£99.00£495.00
04.33 Grab to suit a 13 Tonne Excavator£99.00£495.00
04.27 Timber Grab to suit Kubota KX101-3 - C/W Rotator£99.00£429.00
04.27 Grab - Kinshofer T05HPX-3Z£99.00£429.00
04.20 Timber Grab for Komatsu PC60£23.76£118.80
04.11Mini Endless chain trencher 100mm or 200mm cut width - to suit 3.0 tonne excavator£52.80£264.00
18.06Vacuum Slab Lifter 12 volt 200kg to 400kg£59.40£297.00
18.05Kerb Lifter - Probst 500kg£19.80£50.16
04.17Powertilt Quick Hitch for Volvo EC140£46.20£231.00
04.18 Hydraulic Tilting Ditching Bucket for 3.0 to 5.0 tonne excavator£39.60£198.00
04.18Hydraulic Tilting Ditching Bucket for 13.0 tonne excavator£39.60£198.00
04.25Grab Bucket to suit 6.0 to 8.0 Tonne Excavator£26.40£105.60
04.19Vibrating plate to suit 5.0 to 8.0 Tonne Excavator - Width 600mm£39.60£198.00
04.21 Klac Margurite Double Capacity Digging Bucket to suit 1.5 - 2.0 - 3.0 - 5.0 Tonne Excavators Trenchers 100mm and 200mm wide£39.60£198.00
04.28 Klac Claw to suit Kubota U45-3ss£39.60£198.00
04.24Concrete Nibblers to suit Kubota KX161-3, Hitachi EX60-5, Komatsu PC210-7£129.36£646.80
04.22Land Clearance Rake 6 Legs for 3 Tonne Excavators£19.80£79.20
04.23Land Clearance Rake 7 Legs for 5 Tonne Excavators£26.40£105.60
64.03Auger drive unit for 1.5 Tonne excavator£50.16£250.80
64.04Auger drive unit for 2.0 to 4.5 Tonne excavator£50.16£250.80
64.05Auger drive unit for 5.0 to 8.0 Tonne excavator£59.40£297.00
04.02 Post Driver - Pro Tech£59.40£250.80
04.29 Slane Rotary Wire Brush£66.00£264.00
18.08 Sutbusta 240v Exhaust Filter for all Diesel Machines (min 1 Week Hire)£396.00£396.00
04.29 Hedge Cutter / Scythe - Suitable for 3 & 5 Tonne Machines£66.00£264.00
04.29Hedge Cutter / Scythe - Slane HT180 - Suitable for 3 & 5 Tonne Machines£105.60£363.00
04.29 Hedge Cutter - Plastic Flail suitable for 2.5 tonne to 7.5 tonne machines£66.00£264.00
08A.06 Hedge Cutter - Suitable for 3 to 5 Tonne Excavators£132.00£660.00
04.26 Dymax Tree Shear£145.20£726.00
04.30Crusher Bucket to suit 20 to 30 Tonne Machine (min 1 week hire)£1056.00£1056.00
04.41 bucket to fit 8 Tonne excavator | Lloyd-Rotastar_RS4-9£112.20£495.00
04.30Screener bucket to fit 20 Tonne to 30 Tonne Excavator Min 1 Week Hire£528.00£528.00
04.35Ripper tooth for 3 and 5 tonne excavator£46.20£165.00
04.35Ripper tooth for 8 tonne excavator (Klac F)£46.20£165.00
04.35Ripper tooth for 13 tonne excavator£46.20£165.00
04.36Ripper tooth for 20 tonne excavators£66.00£231.00
(#84) - Attachments plus 25% if hired without excavator.
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)
Breakers - Excavator Attachments Hire / Rental
CodeDescriptionMachine SizePer DayPer Week
04.01Breaker for Excavator0.75 Tonne to 1.50 Tonne£46.20£165.00
04.02Breaker for Excavator2.0 Tonne to 3.5 Tonne£59.40£250.80
04.03Breaker for Excavator5.0 Tonne£72.60£343.20
04.25Breaker for Excavator7.0 Tonne£85.80£396.00
04.04Breaker for Excavator13.0 Tonne£99.00£495.00
04.26Breaker for Excavator20.0 Tonne£145.20£726.00
(#12) - Attachments plus 25% if hired without excavator.
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)
Excavator - Accessories Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeImagesDescriptionPer DayPer WeekWidth mmLength mm
52.13 Track Mats£13.20£13.201200mm2500mm
04.13Excavator Track Mats£19.80£19.801000mm2000mm
60.47Operator including van - up to 10 hours including travelling£290.40£1452.00
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)