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Compressors and Tools

Please be aware this is our consumer price list. All prices in tables with a Green Table Header INCLUDE VAT. Delivery and collection charges may apply. Fuel and wear charges may apply. Damage is chargeable and the plant must be insured.
If you are a trade customer please see our trade price list (Tables with Yellow table headers), our trade price list is for account holders and excludes VAT.

Compressors Hire / Rental
CodeDescriptionPer DayPer Week
27.01Compressor 7.5 CFM - Garage£33.00£66.00
27.02Compressor 85 cfm* - single tool£79.20£105.60
27.03Compressor 125 cfm* - two tool£92.40£145.20
27.04Compressor 260 cfm* - four tool£105.60£237.60
27.11Compressor 600 cfm*£330.00£660.00
(#72) - *Supplied with one hose and heavy breaker.
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)
Compressor Equipment Hire / Rental
CodeDescriptionPer Week
Y00 20Steel sharps (each)£3.23
28.01Air Lance£6.60
27.09Extra Compresser Hose£3.96
28.02Breaker - CP9 Drill£19.80
28.20Breakers - Medium & Heavy£19.80
28.04Demolition Gun / Pick - FL22£19.80
27.09Tarmac Cutter - Clayspade£3.96
28.12Rammer Foot£3.30
28.07Heavy Rock Drill£33.00
28.09Needle Gun*£23.76
28.10Poker Vibrator* - 2£26.40
28.11Scabbler* - Pole£58.08
28.13Scabbler* - Single Headed£39.60
28.14Scabbler* - Triple Headed£50.82
28.15Scabbler - Triple Headed Trolley£118.80
27.09Inline Air Oiler£3.96
(#73) - *Inline oiler recommended - All compressor equipment hired without compressor is 25% extra. All Equipment minimum 1 week hire charge.
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)