Wacker Neuson Telehandler TH412

Telehandler TH412: Compact and powerful

All wheel steering, low centre of gravity and excellent stability distinguish the TH412 telehandler. The integrated driver assistance system VLS (Vertical Lift System) ensures safety, while also increases the operator comfort. The electronically regulated drive system with various operator modes enables an externally productive work operation with the machine. Thanks to its low operating weight and very compact dimensions, the TH412 can be transported on a car trailer without any problems. This makes its flexible for use in many different areas.

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Travel speed stage 1: 0 - 4.3 mph
Travel speed stage 2: 0 - 17.4 mph
Lift bucket swivel: 4,537 mm
Weight: 2,750 kg
Payload max: 1,250 kg
Payload lift max: 1,250 kg
Operating pressure: 220 bar
Flow rate: 28 l/min
Tank capacity: 36 l

Additional Information

Electronically controlled drive system

  • Smarter driving and working: With the electronically regulated drive system, the machine can be driven and used completely needs-based. Wacker Neuson has implemented four different operator modes especially for this. Auto mode and Eco mode always come as standard. Optionally you can then either select the attachment mode or the M-drive mode. This provides the operator with maximum flexibility because the machine can be configured according to their requirements.
  • The electronic regulation reduces the losses in the drive system and ensures a higher rate of efficacy as well as increased efficiency when compared with existing solutions. A lower power requirement enables operation with low rpms. Due to a very finely tuned protective measure package, reliable and durable working using the machine has also been enabled.

Compact dimensions in the 2 x 2 m class

  • The width and height of the compact telehandlers is respectively under 2 m. This is why our telehandlers are also ideal for applications in confined areas and therefore are unique in their combination of lift height, width and machine performance.
  • All telehandlers from our compact series have a particularly small internal radius. The maneuverability achieved as a result of this makes the machine very versatile on each and every application site.

Electric parking brake

  • The electric parking brake automatically activates if the machine stands still, the direction of travels is set to neutral or the operator leaves the seat. The parking brake is automatically released if the machine is put into gear using the accelerator. This provides the operator and their working environment with a maximum level of safety and comfort. The machine can therefore be operated more efficiently using the electric parking brake.
  • Naturally, the electric parking brake can likewise be manually activated and deactivated by operating a switch. The operator therefore always has control and can work with the machine in accordance with their requirements.
  • The electric parking brake provides both a comfortable auto-hold and hill-hold function. This prevents the machines from unintentionally rolling away and in doing so increases safety when working.

VLS (Vertical Lift System)

  • The VLS (Vertical Lift System) is a driver assistance system that makes the work easier for the operator when lifting or lowering loads by extending and retracting the telescopic boom semi-automatically when lifting and lowering, respectively, without the operator having to additionally control the telescopic function. This makes smooth and quick work possible.
  • The almost vertical lifting and lowering movement also makes the telehandler with the VLS very stable because the load does not enter into the overload area. Experienced operators can work even faster and safer with the VLS. Inexperienced operators receive valuable support for lifting and loading work.
  • The VLS (Vertical Lift System) can be categorised into two different modes: In the bucket mode, the telescopic arm always automatically retracts within the upper and lower area and within the upper area the telescopic arm does not automatically extend, this is suitable, for example, for loading works with bulk material. The stacking mode, the telescopic boom does not automatically retract within the lower area, in the upper area the telescopic boom automatically extends, it is possible to simultaneously lower and extend the telescopic arm, this is, for example, suitable for stacking work with pallets.

Compact and powerful

  • The telehandler is impressive with its optimal relationship between lift height, compact dimensions, and powerful machine performance. This combination in such a compact machine is unique.
  • With the all wheel steering, 4-wheel drive and one-piece frame, it is completely stable and well-equipped for many different tasks. The low centre of gravity of the machine also increases the stability.
  • Precisely when its tight, for example in work passages in storage sites or in tight construction sites, the telehandler comes into its won with its small radii and optimal maneuverability.

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