Wacker Neuson Electric Telehandler TH412e

Telehandler TH412e: Electric, environmentally-friendly, and powerful

The Th412e is the first pure electrically-operated telehandler by Wacker Neuson. Its power ratings correspond to those of a conventional diesel-operated machine. The installed 96-Volt lithium-ion battery is available in two power ratings so that the running and charging times can be optimally coordinated with the work requirements. The TH412e works on-site completely free from exhaust gases and with significantly lower noise emissions. For the end user, this means greater flexibility in application, environmental protection and significant savings with operating costs. As a result, features such as compact dimensions, all wheel steering, low centre of gravity, and excellent stability are likewise true of the electrically-driven machine.

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Payload max: 1,210 kg
Payload lift max: 712 kg
Weight: 2,950 kg
Lift bucket swivel: 4,537 mm
Travel speed stage 1: 0 - 4.3 mph
Travel speed stage 2: 0 - 15.5 mph
Operating pressure: 220 bar
Flow rate: 28 l/min
Tank capacity: 36 l

Additional Information

Powerful lithium-ion battery

  • It is always possible to select the appropriate battery size depending on the area and purpose of application. There is a total of two maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries to choose from: As standard there is the 18 kWh, optionally available there is the 28 kWh.
  • A 3 kW on-board battery charger is installed as standard. Optionally, a second 3 kW on-board battery charger can be selected, which increases the performance to a total of 6 kW. It is therefore possible to achieve a fast charging time.

Easy charging options

  • The central charging cover is easily accessible on the outside at the rear of the machine. Behind it you will find the socket, the activation switch, and the charge display.
  • The charging cable (Type 2 plug on the machine, familiar from the automotive industry), including the control box, is available with a number of different plugs: 230 V / 10 A Schuko, 230 V / 16 A CEE (blue, 3-pole), 400 V / 16 A CEE (red, three-phase AC current, 5-pole), 400 V / 16 A (Type 2 plug wall box, IEC 62196), and other adapter plugs.
  • The flexible, selectable charging plugs enable fast and coordinated charging of the selected battery size. In combination with the installed on-board charger, both efficient and safe charging processes are guaranteed.

Digital display

  • The main functions always in sight: With the digital display, the operator always has everything in sight while working.
  • On the outside of the display are the standard indications, like the warning light for the parking brake or the control lights for the indicator or the full beam.
  • In the central area of the display for information there are three main views and a variety of useful information, e.g. operating hour meter, charge status of the drive battery, remaining running time / remaining charge time, speed display, average consumption, recuperation level, date, time, or temperature of different components.

Compact dimensions in the 2 x 2 m class

  • The width and height of the compact telehandlers is respectively under 2 m. This is why our telehandlers are also ideal for applications in confined areas and therefore are unique in their combination of lift height, width and machine performance.
  • All telehandlers from our compact series have a particularly small internal radius. The maneuverability achieved as a result of this makes the machine very versatile on each and every application site.

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