Slanetrac HC Series Finger Bar Hedge Cutter

Available in 1.5m and 1.8m options there is a Slanetrac HC Series Mini Digger Finger Bar Hedge Cutter Attachment to suit a wide range of machines. The robust low maintenance Slanetrac HC Series Mini Digger Hedge Cutter has individually replaceable cutting sections come supplied with adjustable mounting brackets to suit your particular machine and hydraulic pipes to connect to your machines rock breaker lines for fast, effortless installation.

The hydraulically powered reciprocating finger bar allows for fast and neat cutting of hedges. For best results, while heavy cutting the operator can use the slewing movement of the digger to cut through thick heavy growth, while for finer, lighter breasting of the hedge the operator can use the tracking movement to get the desired finish.

Designed to allow cutting to take place at any angle between horizontal and vertical via the adjustable mounting bracket it allows the operator better access to those hard to get places like behind fences and allows the operator to cut close to and around obstacles such as telephone poles offering greater versatility compared to flail options.

With a cutting thickness of up to 40mm the Slanetrac HC Series, Mini Digger Finger Bar Hedge Cutter offers clean cuts allowing for neat, tidy hedges with more satisfactory conditions for re-growth compared to flail cutting attachments as well as ensuring minimum disturbance for wildlife.

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1.5m or 1.8m options
Individually Replaceable Cutting Sections
Cuts up to 40mm Thickness
Connect to Rock Breaker Lines

Additional Information

Technical Information

  • Machine Carrier – 0.8T – 1.5T
    Oil Flow: 20L – 30L /Min
    Model: HC-150 SLX5
  • Machine Carrier – 2T – 3.5T
    Oil Flow: 40L – 60L /Min
    Model: HC-150 SLX8
  • Machine Carrier – 4T – 7.5T
    Oil Flow: 50L – 80L /Min
    Model: HC-180 SLX1

How to use


For optimum performance of the HC Series Hedgecutter, it is recommended to operate in the following manner:

Cutting Top of Hedge

Keep close to the hedge and use the slewing motion of the machine to move through the foliage. This will allow you to clean all cuttings from the hedge and ensure a neat finish.

Cutting the Side of Heavy Hedge

When cutting the side of an overgrown hedge, it is best to track 1m at a time and use the slewing motion to cut.

Cutting a Fine Neat Hedge

The best way to cut is using a tracking motion with the tracks aligned parallel with the hedge. When tracking and cutting, you normally increase the revs and feather the tracks. This will normally be at one-quarter of movement on the tracking levers. This varies with machines.

View the video to see the HC Series in use.

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