Surface Dressing

Our expert team has decades of experience with surface dressing including tar and chip. See how it can improve your road or driveway.

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Surface dressing is a cost-effective way to restore and protect a road. It can be used to prolong the life of a road surface by sealing it against wet weather conditions and guarding against frost and water damage. The process also increases road safety by improving the skidding resistance.

Tar and Chip

The Tar and Chip process involves spraying the road with a bitumen binder followed by a layer of stone chippings. The surface is then pressed by a roller and excess chippings are swept away. The process is highly weather dependent so get in touch with our team today to schedule your new and improved road.

Available in a variety of different sizes and colours to suit your personal or environmental requirements.

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Roads, Driveways and More

We have a number of Tar and Chip solutions for a range of surfaces from small driveways to large car parks and public highways.

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We make sure that the area is properly prepared before applying the dressing. This can include sweeping, blowing, masking, crack sealing and surface repairs.

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The Tar and Chip surface dressing not only extends the life of your driveway but improves the appearance of your property.

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Further Preparation

Not all surfaces are created equal so we may widen and patch the existing surface with tarmac before applying the Tar and Chip surface dressing.

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New Builds

The Tar and Chip surfacing solution is not just for repairing and restoring old roads. Our team has experience with new roads and driveways too.

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Repairs and Patching

We support repairing, patching and extending existing surfaces. For complex jobs we may use computer controlled systems for the best precision.

Smart Technology

We use the latest Secmair state of the art computer controlled Tar and Chip feeders on some of our more demanding jobs. The process allows the application of hot tar and chips only where they are required.

The one pass surface dressing system allows the chips to be fed onto the hot tar binder within 1 second of its application. This means that the tar binder has virtually no time to lose any of its heat and will greatly increase the bond of the tar to the existing surface and the new stone chip. This also greatly reduces any chances of bare patches on high spots on the existing surface due to the fast application of the stone chip after the binder course is laid.

This computer controlled system uses Lookrax software and can read the quality of the road surface before the new Tar and Chip surface is applied. This system can apply the new surface as a patch, part width of the road or a full blanket width up to 3.10m wide.

Our Work

Explore a selection of some of our previous jobs that demonstrate how the Tar and Chip process can improve a surface. From footpaths and driveways to roads and car parks there is no job too small or too big.

Our surface dressing work at Hever Castle in Kent.
Our team at work.
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Hever Castle

See our work in person by visiting Hever Castle & Gardens in Kent.