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Car Parks

We have the experience to carry out all aspects of car park construction, including earthmoving, drainage, grading and barrier fencing. Final surfacing options could include tarmac, tar and chip, block paving or industrial specification concrete pads.

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Ground Preparation

Preparing the car park involves surface profiling, laying and installation underground drainage and surface compaction. Once the earth has been prepared a terrain membrane is laid and a layer of Type 1 is laid and compacted.

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Laying Type 1 Sub-base

Laying Type 1 sub-base on the terran membrane and then grading the surface to a specified gradient or camber depending on requirements. Next we roll and compact the sub-base in preparation for the surface layers.

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Laying Tarmacadam Surface

Tarmacadam surfaces can be laid to suit your own requirements but are typically made up of either 1,2 or 3 layers (Surface Course, Binder Course, Base). We can construct the Surface course as either an open or closed graded Surface course.

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Supplying Tarmacadam Surface

We supply a full range of quality assured Tarmac materials and we are able to lay all different Tarmacadam surfaces. We are equipped to undertake a range of different Tarmacing jobs from the small patching job or new driveway that would require hand laying the tarmac to a public highway.