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Woods Glass Lifter – MRT4 – Dual Circuit + Storage Box

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Designed for use with a crane or other hoisting equipment, MRT4-DC lifters employ a vacuum to hold a load for lifting, and they provide manual 360° rotation and manual 90° tilt movements for load manipulation.The vacuum reserve tanks help prevent immediate vacuum loss in case of power failure and extend battery life by reducing pump cycles required to maintain vacuum.

There is a low vacuum warning light and buzzer a red light and audio buzzer are energized until vacuum level is sufficient to lift maximum load weight (higher than 16″ Hg [-54 kPa]) and whenever vacuum loss causes pump to re-engage.

  • Suitable for lifting gastight materials with a smooth surface for example: glass, plastic boards, ceramic plates, sheet metals, coated boards.
  • Basic size is 715mm x 833mm with an extended size of 1225mm x 1716mm
  • The linear size is 396mm x 1987mm
  • The Load capactity is 80kg per pad with a total lifting capacity of 320kg
  • The MRT4 weighs 58kg
  • The vacuum dial indicate current vacuum level in positive inches of Hg and negative kPa.
  • Tilt Capability: Manual, 90°, with automatic locking in vertical position
  • Rotation Capability: Manual, 360°, with automatic locking at each ¼ revolution as required.
  • The power is 12 volts DC, 8 amps and the battery capacity is 7 amp-hours

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Superlift SLK25 with Counterweights

The Genie Superlift Advantage is a manually operated lift with multiple base, winch and load handling options to create just the lift you need. The compact, portable design rolls through standard single doorways in the upright position and is easy to load into a pickup truck.
Max Working Height
Price per day £100.00
Price per week £250.00
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Libro 800 Overhang Beam with 8 Pad Dual Circuit Glass Lifter

The Libro 800 Glass Lifter counterbalance beam is fitted with a rechargeable battery to power the 24 counterweight rack and pinion saddle and can be attached to both mobile cranes or tower cranes. Its detachable vacuum lifter and optional lifting arm make it ideal for a variety of separate below the hook lifting operations. This counterbalance beam is controlled by cable remote control and the counterweight saddle can be moved along the beam to balance the load being lifted. The Libro 800 Glass Lifter is the perfect option for projects where materials are to be installed below an overhang of up to 2000mm and can lift at full capacity at each working length.
Rotation degree
Tilt degree
Price per day £350.00
Price per week £750.00
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