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Rollers - Vibrating - Compaction Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeImagesDescriptionPer DayPer WeekWeight Kg ApproximateRoller Width mmCompaction Centrifugal Force Per Drum (Approximate)PDFImage Google
24.01Single Drum Bomag 55E£30.00£60.00151 Kg550 mm10.1 KN
24.02Single Drum Benford 171BPP£45.00£85.00448 Kg710 mm19.0 KN
40.05 Single Drum - Roller / Breaker£55.00£105.00490 Kg710 mm9.0 KN
26.01Trailer for single Drum Roller£10.00£20.00///
24.04Twin Drum - Pedestrian Controlled Roller£50.00£120.00626 Kg650 mm24.0 KN
24.04 Twin Drum 80 cm Roller£70.00£150.001389 Kg800 mm13.0 KN
24.07 Twin Drum 100 cm Roller£75.00£170.002350 Kg1000 mm21.5 KN
24.09Twin Drum 120 cm Roller£80.00£180.002600 Kg1200 mm27.0 KN
24.16Twin Drum 120 cm Roller** Hamm DV40 - info£150.00£450.005000 Kg1200 mm26 / 37 KN
24.15 Twin Drum 130 cm Roller**£95.00£240.003670 Kg1300 mm37.0 KN
24.15Twin Drum - 140 cm Roller£95.00£240.004400 Kg1400 mm32.1 KN
24.16 Twin Drum 170 cm Roller**£150.00£450.0010,000 Kg1680 mm94.0 KN
24.16Hamm HD + 90 VV£150.00£450.0011,900 Kg1680mm75/60 KN
24.14 Trench Roller - Sheeps Foot - Ammann RW1504 Radio Controlled£100.00£220.001696 Kg850 mm65.0 KN
24.13 Pneumatic Tyred Roller Hamm*£150.00£450.005000 Kg1300 mmN/A
24.13Hamm HD 10C VT - Tandem roller with vibrating roller drum and set of tyres£150.00£450.001830 Kg1040 mm25/16 KN
24.18 Ammann ASC110 Smooth / Padfoot - Drum Roller£300.00£695.0013,000 Kg2200 mm227 KN Smooth Drum
206 KN Padfoot Drum
(#28) - * Non Vibrating | ** With cutting wheel.
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Ammann ASC 110 Operating Manual - 196 Pages

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