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Dumpers - Rubber Tracked Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeImagesDescriptionWeight TonnesPer DayPer WeekWheel DriveMax Width mmDrive Type HS*/Man*
23.01 Barrow - Pedestrian Controlled - Honda0.5 Tonnes£55.00£155.00Tracked720 mmHS
23R.01Barrow - High Lift - Ride on - Hinowa0.75 Tonnes£55.00£155.00Tracked730 mmHS
22.05 Barrow - High Lift - Tracked - Slane1.0 Tones£55.00£155.00Tracked750 mmHS
23R.06 Barrow - Three way tip - Yanmar C12R1.2 Tonnes£65.00£250.00Tracked960 mmHS
23R.03 Hitachi EG202.0 Tonnes£70.00£300.00Tracked1450 mmHS
23S.07Ausa S25 - Swivel tip2.5 Tonnes£110.00£500.00Tracked1560 mmHS
23S.08 Hitachi EG40R Swivel tip4.0 Tonnes£170.00£650.00Tracked2210 mmHS
23S.05 Komastu CD60R - Swivel Tip6.0 Tonnes£200.00£900.00Tracked2420 mmHS
23S.06 Komatso CD110R - Swivel Tip15.0 Tonnes£450.00£1500.00Tracked3330 mmHS
(#23) - All of the above on rubber tracks or rubber pads, Except **Metal Tracks.
Drive Type | HS = Hydro Static | M = Manual.
All prices exclude VAT (Account Holder Price List)
Tracked Dumpers with Cranes Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeImage GoogleDescriptionPer DayPer WeekTonneMax Width mmDrive Type HS*/Man*
23.06DT53 Kubota RC23Pl C/W Amco crane*£200.00£500.002.5 Tonne1900 mmMAN
66.05Maeda LC785M-6B Crawler Crane£500.00£1200.004.90 Tonne2350 mmHS
23C.01DT30 Morooka MST1000 C/W Hiab crane**POAPOA10.0 Tonne2600 mmHS
23R.16DT41 Morooka MST1500 C/W Palfinger PK 27000 crane**POAPOA15.0 Tonne2590 mmHS
23C.16DTC01 Morooka MST2300 C/W PM 100SP crane**POAPOA16.7 TonneHS
23C.16DT46 Morooka MST2200 C/W Amco crane**POAPOA22.0 Tonne2750 mmHS
23C.16Komatsu MST 2300 C/W Palfinger PK 36002 crane**POAPOA31 TonneHS
(#24) - *On metal Tracks | ** On Rubber Tracks
Drive Type | HS = Hydro Static | MAN = Manual
All prices exclude VAT (Account Holder Price List)