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Security Fencing

Please be aware this is our consumer price list. All prices in tables with a Green Table Header INCLUDE VAT. Delivery and collection charges may apply. Fuel and wear charges may apply. Damage is chargeable and the plant must be insured.
If you are a trade customer please see our trade price list (Tables with Yellow table headers), our trade price list is for account holders and excludes VAT.

Security Fencing Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeDescriptionPer WeekHeight MLength M
51.01Security Panels*£2.572.00 m3.50 m
60.29Security Chains - with lock and 2 keys£17.16
51.03Solid Panel - Heras£4.622.00 m2.00 m
51.08Pedestrian Gate - Heras Panel*£18.48
51.09Roadway Gate - Heras Panel*£31.02
51.03Crowd Panels*£2.571.00 m2.00 m
30.06Fencing Pins£0.59
(#96) - * Min 2 week hire - Hazard tape and orange barrier fencing available for sale.
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)
Site Protection Hire / Rental
CodeDescriptionPer Week
69.04Impact-bull - Inflatable Air Cushions* Softening the blow a fall protection system£5.28
60.09Dust Sheets£3.63
(#91) - * Require 45/08 Leaf blower to inflate.
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)