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Cranes - Various

Please be aware this is our consumer price list. All prices in tables with a Green Table Header INCLUDE VAT. Delivery and collection charges may apply. Fuel and wear charges may apply. Damage is chargeable and the plant must be insured.
If you are a trade customer please see our trade price list (Tables with Yellow table headers), our trade price list is for account holders and excludes VAT.

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Crawler Cranes, Pick & Carry Cranes
Tower Cranes
Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeImage GoogleDescriptionPer DayPer WeekCapacity TonnesMachine Weight KGMax Working Height MReach MHeight mmWidth mmPDF
11.22 GK500 with Counterweights£100.00£250.000.50 Tonne
11.21 SLK25 with Counterweights£100.00£250.000.50 Tonne332 Kg7.94 m
66.10 H1/6 - Compact Lift & Carry Crawler£150.00£550.001.50 Tonne1700 Kg3.052.682150 mm1020 mm
66A.16 SL608 Outdoor High lifter Glazing robot£350.00£750.00
66.06 20E mobile battery operated crane£200.00£600.002.00 Tonne1950 Kg4.50 m2.70 m1760 mm950 mm
66.12Valla 20D TRX£250.00£550.002.00 Tonne1905 Kg4.00 m1880 mm950 mm
66.06Valla 25E Pick & Carry Crane£200.00£450.002.5 Tonne2,200KG4.2 m2.8 m1690 mm950 mm
66.12Valla 30E Pick & Carry Crane£250.00£550.003.50 Tonne2,500 Kg6.50 m1240 mm
66.13 50E Pick & Carry Crane£300.00£750.005.00 Tonne5,658 Kg7.00 m1400 mm
66.14 90E Pick & Carry Crane£400.00£1000.009.00 Tonne9,340 Kg7.50 m5.30 m2321 mm1735 mm
66.08 URW-094C Spider Crane - RT* - NA* - Petrol - LPG£200.00£700.000.995 Tonne1000 Kg5.60 m5.60 m1380 mm600 mm
66.08 URW-095 Spider Crane - RT* - NA* - Petrol - LPG - RCU*£200.00£700.000.995 Tonne1850 Kg5.50 m8.41 m1380 mm600 mm
66.02 URW-295 Spider Crane - RT* - NA* - Petrol - LPG - RCU*£200.00£700.002.90 Tonne1850 Kg8.65 m8.80 m1380 mm600 mm
66.04 URW-376C Spider Crane - RT* - NA* - Diesel£300.00£800.002.90 Tonne4000 Kg14.61 m14.45 m1450 mm1300 mm
66.03 URW-506C Spider Crane - RT* - NA* - Diesel or Electric - RCU*£400.00£900.003.00 Tonne4990 Kg15.71 m15.50 m2035 mm1380 mm
66.05 URW-547 Spider Crane - RT* - NA* - Diesel or Electric£500.00£1200.004.00 Tonne5160 Kg18.20 m17.83 m1980 mm1400 mm
66.05 URW-706 Spider Crane - RT* - NA* - Diesel or Electric - RCU*£500.00£1200.006.00 Tonne8070 Kg19.20 m19.50 m
22.0 m with Fly Gib
2185 mm1600 mm
66.03Hoeflon C6 Mini Crane4009002.95 Tonnes2650 kg11.5 - 17 m9.25 - 13.7 m1770 mm1050 mm
66.16 URW-1006 Spider Crane - MTRP* - NA* - Diesel or Electric£800.00£1700.0010.00 Tonne14,000 Kg22.8m (30.7m with Fly-Gib)21.9m (24.3 with Fly-Gib)2460mm2000mm
66.04 MC-305CRM(E) spider crane£300.00£800.002.98 Tonne4040 Kg12.52 m12.16 m1695 mm1280 mm
66.05 LC785M-6B Crawler Crane£500.00£1200.004.90 Tonne10,250 Kg16.35 m14.52 m2685 mm2350 mm
66.04 MC405CRME-2 Crawler Crane£450.00£1000.003.83 Tonne5750 Kg16.8 m (20.7 m with Fly-Jib)16.0 m1980 mm1380 mm
66.05 EX225 Crawler Crane£500.00£1200.0015.00 Tonne32,000 Kg26.80 m24.00m2990 mm
66.09 Terex Crane - Self Erecting Tower Crane***£800.00£800.004.00 Tonne29,000 Kg27.20 m32.00 m21,600 mm2300 mm
17.04 K1003 RSX CranePOAPOA6.00 Tonne22,000 Kg30.50 m44.00 mTBCTBC
66.09 Terex Crane - Self Erecting Tower Crane***£800.00£800.004.00 Tonne41,080 Kg32.20 m40.00 m29,000 mm2,400 mm
66.11 CR-130Ri – City CranePOAPOA13.00 Tonne13,815 Kg24.80 m22.50 m2,845 mm1,995 mm
66.11 Crane 240000AX E9 Lorry/Tracked CarrierPOAPOA30 Tonne49 m44 m4100 mm2600/3000 mm
67.03 Crane Arm£50.00£150.005.0 TonnesN/AN/A4.0 mN/AForklift Width
66A.13Wooden Bog Matts x 4 Size: 2400mm x 900mm x 90mm£100.00£200.00
(#47) - (RCU* = WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL UNIT) - (RT* = RUBBER TRACKS) - (MTRP* = Metal Tracks with Rubber Pads) - (NA* = NARROW ACCESS)
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)
Glass Lifters - Glass Handling Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeImage GoogleImagesDescriptionPer DayPer WeekCapacity KGRotation DegreeTiltDegree
66A.01Woods Glass Lifter - P11104 - 4-in-line - Dual Circuit + Storage Box£198.00£330.00320 Kg180°±90°
66A.02Woods Glass Lifter - MRT4 - Dual Circuit + Storage Box£237.60£369.60320 Kg360°±90°
66A.03Woods Glass Lifter - MRTA6 - Dual Circuit - Quadra Tilt£264.00£396.00500 Kg360°±90°
66A.04Pannkoke Glass Lifter - 7211-DS2 - Dual Circuit£290.40£462.00600 Kg360°±90°
66A.08Slimline DSZ2 Dual Circuit Glass lifter£330.00£528.00750 Kg360°±90°
66A.08Hydraulica Glass Lifter - Dual Circuit£330.00£528.001,000 Kg270° - 360°±90°
Hydraulica Glass Lifter - MR1611LDC - Manual Rotator 2800 - DC Powered (min 1 week hire rate)£1320.00£1320.001,270 Kg360°
66A.08Hydraulica 2000 - Dual Circuit - Electric powered rotation£330.00£528.002000 Kg360°90°
66A.06 Glazing Robot Trolley Glass Lifter C/W Mullion Type Vacuum Lifter£396.00£792.00250 Kg
66A.06Slane GL300 Glazing Robot£396.00£792.00250 Kg
66A.16 SL608 Outdoor High lifter Glazing robot£462.00£990.00608 Kg180°-40° back/100° forward
66A.11Cladboy + 8 stage frame extension and transport box - panels length to 18m (min hire rate 1 week)£462.00£462.00250 Kg90°±90°
66A.07 Glass Trolley Stilage 2.0m x 1.4m x 1.9m High.£66.00£66.00N/AN/AN/A
66A.15 Glass Trolly for Plate Glass (Max thickness 60mm) To Suit: 2.3m-3.5m Length / 1.6m-2.8m Width£66.00£66.00400 Kg
66A.16 800 Overhang Beam with 8 Pad Dual Circuit Glass Lifter£462.00£990.00800 KgN/AN/A
(#48) - Padds charged at £50.00
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)
Crane Attachments - Various Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeImage GoogleDescriptionPer DayPer WeekMax Capacity TonnesOperating RangeCapacity
18.01Brick Grab - Manual£36.96£184.801.8 Tonnes600 mm - 1150 mm
18.01Strong Arm Drum Mover for 205 L drum£36.96£184.802.0 Tonnes
18.02Crane Forks£36.96£184.80
18.03Pipe Lifter£36.96£184.801.0 Tonnes
18.04Hydraulic Brick Grab with swivel£52.80£264.001.0 Tonnes
18.05Kerb lifter£19.80£50.160.5 Tonnes10 mm - 560 mm
18.06Vacuum slab lifter + Attachments 1: Slab(SM10S) 2. Kerb (SM10K) 3. Ribbed Slab(SM10R)£59.40£297.000.4 Tonnes
66A.11Clad Boy - Roof Sheet Lifter up to 18 m Sheets£462.00£462.00
60.10Muck Skip£59.40£59.40200 L
30.01Concrete Skip£46.20£138.60500 L
66A.09Crane outrigger mats - set of 4£66.00£66.00Size: 800mm x 800mm x 60mm
66A.12Minifor 110 volt Electric Winch TR50 + 25m Rope£79.20£250.800.5 Tonnes
18.08 240 volt Exhaust Filter for all Diesel Machines (min 1 Week Hire)£396.00£396.00
68.10 Lifting Clamp£13.20£39.602.0 Tonnes75 mm to 240 mm
68.10 Lifting Clamp£13.20£39.603.0 Tonnes95 mm to 335 mm
68.10 Lifting Clamp£13.20£39.605.0 Tonnes95 mm to 330 mm
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)
Tracked Carriers with Cranes Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeImage GoogleDescriptionPer DayPer WeekTonneMax Width mmDrive Type HS*/Man*PDF
23.06 Kubota RC23Pl C/W Amco crane*£200.00£500.002.5 Tonne1900 mmMAN
66.05 LC785M-6B Crawler Crane£500.00£1200.004.90 Tonne2350 mmHS
23C.01 Morooka MST1000 C/W Hiab crane**POAPOA10.0 Tonne2600 mmHS
23R.16 Morooka MST1500 C/W Palfinger PK 27000 crane**POAPOA15.0 Tonne2590 mmHS
23C.16 Morooka MST2300 C/W PM 100SP crane**POAPOA16.7 TonneHS
23C.16 Morooka MST2200 C/W Amco crane**POAPOA22.0 Tonne2750 mmHS
23C.16 MST 2300 C/W Palfinger PK 36002 crane**POAPOA31 TonneHS
(#24) - *On metal Tracks | ** On Rubber Tracks
Drive Type | HS = Hydro Static | MAN = Manual
All Prices include VAT (Consumer Price List)