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mrt4 at westfield

MRT4 and Spider Crane at Westfield

P11104 '4 in line'

Slane GL 300 with MRT4

506 Unic Spider crane


Crane Hire - Glass Lifter Hire

0.5 Tonne to 6.0 Tonne
Using the right tool for the job will save you time and money. Coppard has a wide range of specialist cranes for hire.
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Glass Lifters
320kg to 1,270kg
We hold a diverse range of glass lifting equipment covering the vast majority of glass sizes & weights.
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Coppard is a leading supplier of specialist cranes, glass lifters and access platforms. We hold a large varied stock of equipment

We are expanding our range all the time so please call to discuss your lifting requirements.

We are fully licensed to perform full contract lifts. Please call or Godstone Branch on 01883 743 322 to discuss your requirements.

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Glass Lifters - Glass Handling Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeImagesDescriptionPer DayPer WeekCapacity KGRotation DegreeTiltDegree
66A.01Woods Glass Lifter - P11104 - 4-in-line - Dual Circuit + Storage Box£150.00£250.00320 Kg180°±90°
66A.02Woods Glass Lifter - MRT4 - Dual Circuit + Storage Box£180.00£280.00320 Kg360°±90°
66A.03Woods Glass Lifter - MRTA6 - Dual Circuit - Quadra Tilt£200.00£300.00500 Kg360°±90°
66A.04Pannkoke Glass Lifter - 7211-DS2 - Dual Circuit£220.00£350.00600 Kg360°±90°
66A.08Slimline DSZ2 Dual Circuit Glass lifter£250.00£400.00750 Kg360°±90°
66A.08Hydraulica Glass Lifter - Dual Circuit£250.00£400.001,000 Kg270° - 360°±90°
Hydraulica Glass Lifter - MR1611LDC - Manual Rotator 2800 - DC Powered (min 1 week hire rate)£1000.00£1000.001,270 Kg360°
66A.06Geko Glazing Robot Trolley Glass Lifter C/W Mullion Type Vacuum Lifter£300.00£600.00250 Kg
66A.06Slane GL300 Glazing Robot£300.00£600.00250 Kg
66A.11Cladboy + 8 stage frame extension and transport box - panels length to 18m (min hire rate 1 week)£350.00£350.00250 Kg90°±90°
66A.07 Glass Trolley Stilage 2.0m x 1.4m x 1.9m High.£50.00£50.00N/AN/AN/A
66A.15 Glass Trolly for Plate Glass (Max thickness 60mm) To Suit: 2.3m-3.5m Length / 1.6m-2.8m Width£50.00£50.00400 Kg
(#48) - Padds charged at £50.00
All prices exclude VAT (Account Holder Price List)
Crawler Cranes, Pick & Carry Cranes
Tower Cranes
Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeImage GoogleDescriptionPer DayPer WeekCapacity TonnesMachine Weight KGMax Working Height MReach MHeight mmWidth mmPDF
11.22Glasboy GK500 with Counterweights£100.00£100.000.50
11.21Superlift SLK25 with Counterweights£100.00£250.000.50332 Kg7.94 m
66.10Hooka H1/6 - Compact Lift & Carry Crawler£150.00£550.001500 Kg1700 Kg3.052.682150 mm1020 mm
66.06Valla 20E mobile battery operated crane£200.00£600.002.001950 Kg4.50 m2.70 m1690 mm950 mm
66.08Unic URW 094C Spider Crane - RT* - NA* - Petrol - LPG£200.00£600.000.9951000 Kg5.60 m5.60 m1380 mm600 mm
66.08Unic URW 095 Spider Crane - RT* - NA* - Petrol - LPG - RCU*£200.00£700.000.9951850 Kg5.50 m8.41 m1380 mm600 mm
66.02Unic 295 Spider Crane - RT* - NA* - Petrol - LPG - RCU*£200.00£700.002.901850 Kg8.65 m8.80 m1380 mm600 mm
66.04Unic 376 Spider Crane - RT* - NA* - Diesel£300.00£800.002.904000 Kg14.61 m14.45 m1450 mm1300 mm
66.03Unic 506C Spider Crane - RT* - NA* - Diesel or Electric - RCU*£400.00£900.003.004990 Kg15.71 m15.50 m2035 mm1380 mm
66.05Maeda LC785M-6B Crawler Crane£500.00£1200.004.90 Tonne10,250 Kg16.35 m14.52 m2685 mm2350 mm
66.05Unic 706 Spider Crane - RT* - NA* - Diesel or Electric - RCU*£500.00£1200.006.008070 Kg19.20 m19.50 m
22.0 m with Fly Gib
2185 mm1600 mm
66.09CRB32 Terex Crane - Self Erecting Tower Crane***£800.00£800.004.0010,000 Kg27.20 m32.00 m21,600 mm2300 mm
66.09CBR40 Terex Crane - Self Erecting Tower Crane***800.00800.004.0020930 Kg32.20 m40.00 m29,000 mm2,400 mm
67.03Forklift Crane Arm£50.00£150.005.0 TonnesN/AN/A4.0 mN/AForklift Width
66A.13Wooden Bog Matts x 4 Size: 2400mm x 900mm x 90mm£100.00£200.00
66.11Kato CR-130Ri – City CranePOAPOA13.0013,815 Kg24.80 m22.50 m2,845 mm1,995 mm
All prices exclude VAT (Account Holder Price List)
Access Equipment - Mechanical - Scissor Lifts Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeImagesDescriptionPer DayPer WeekWidth mmHeight mmCapacity KGMax Working Height M
11.20 Yougman Boss x 3 Scissor Lift - Electric£50.00£200.00700 mm1800 mm240 Kg4.55 m
11.12 Genie GS 1930 - Electric£75.00£250.00813 mm2000 mm227 Kg7.80 m
11.12 SkyJack SJ4626 - Electric£75.00£250.001170 mm2150 mm454 Kg9.80 m
11.15 SkyJack SJ6832E - Electric£75.00£250.001730 mm2510 mm454 Kg11.50 m
11.16 SkyJack SJ8241F - Diesel - 4 x 4£100.00£350.002010 mm1650 mm908 Kg14.30 m
60.17Safety Harness - Full Body Harness (minimum 1 week hire rate)£15.00£15.00////
69.04 Impact-bull - Inflatable Air Cushions*
Softening the blow a fall protection system. (minimum 1 week hire rate)
(#02) - * Require 45/08 Leaf blower to inflate.
All prices exclude VAT (Account Holder Price List)
Access Equipment - Mechanical - Boom Lifts Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeImage GoogleImagesDescriptionPer DayPer WeekWidth mmHeight mmCapacity KGWorking Height MPower Supply
11.05Hitachi EX55 - Tracked£200.00£850.002010 mm2260 mm200 Kg10.00 mDiesel
11.17Nifty 120PET - Trailer Mounted£160.00£350.001500 mm1900 mm200 Kg12.20 mPetrol / Electric
11.06CTE CS 135E£200.00£550.00780 mm2000 mm200 Kg13.30 mDiesel / Electric
11.24 Upright AB38N Hoist£130.00£550.001500 mm2000 mm215 Kg13.50 mElectric
11.14Maniaccess 170 AET J-L Bi-Engery electric / diesel£150.00£650.001750 mm1970 mm200 Kg16.90 mDiesel / Electric
11.26CTE T170 c/w Non Marking Tracks and variable under carriage£250.00£750.00800 mm2000 mm200 Kg17.00 mPetrol / Electric
11.06Nifty 170 - Trailer Mounted£180.00£550.001650 mm2150 mm200 Kg17.10 mPetrol
11.14Maniaccess 180ATJ - 4 x 4 - Four Wheel Steering£170.00£700.002300 mm2530 mm230 Kg17.65 mDiesel
11.13Hitachi HX180B-2£250.00£850.002320 mm2730 mm200 Kg19.90 mDiesel
11.28Maniaccess 200ATJ - 4 x 4 - Four Wheel Steering£200.00£850.002400 mm3150 mm230 Kg20.00 mDiesel
11.18 Teupen Leo 23GT Spiderlift - Tracked Telescopic Boom£350.00£1275.00980 mm1980 mm200 Kg23.00 mDiesel / Electric
60.17Safety harness - body£15.00£15.00/////
All prices exclude VAT (Account Holder Price List)
Access Equipment - Non Mechanical Hire / Rental
CodeImagesDescriptionPer Week
35/02Gin wheel + demolition basket£15.00
35/03Scaffold boards - min hire 2 weeks£1.00
35/07Youngmans - 4.8m£20.00
35/08Youngmans - 5.4m£22.00
35/13Youngmans - 6.0m£25.00
35/12Youngman Safety Rails - 4.8m long£10.00
69/04 Impact-bull - Inflatable Air Cushions* Softening the blow a fall protection system£4.00
(#85) - * Require 45/08 Leaf blower to inflate - All items minimum 1 week hire.
All prices exclude VAT (Account Holder Price List)
Ladders Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeDescriptionPer WeekLength ClosedLength Open
47/01Step Ladder£20.001.90 m1.90 m
47/01Step Ladder£20.002.40 m2.40 m
47/02Double Ladder*£30.002.54 m4.50 m
47/03Double Ladder*£35.004.85 m8.61 m
47/03Triple Ladder*£40.002.50 m5.60 m
(#57) - *Roof hook attachments available.
All prices exclude VAT (Account Holder Price List)
Bandstands Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeDescriptionPer WeekClosedOpen
35/01Bandstand Size:0£2.200.48m0.84m
35/01Bandstand Size:1£2.200.76m1.37m
35/01Bandstand Size:2£2.201.00m1.82m
35/01Bandstand Size:3£2.201.30m2.43m
All prices exclude VAT (Account Holder Price List)
Crane Attachments - Various Hire / Rental Plant Specifications
CodeDescriptionPer DayPer WeekMax Capacity TonnesOperating RangeCapacity
18.01Brick Grab - Manual£28.00£140.001.8 Tonnes600 mm - 1150 mm
18.01Strong Arm Drum Mover for 205 L drum£28.00£140.002.0 Tonnes
18.02Crane Forks£28.00£140.00
18.03Pipe Lifter£28.00£140.001.0 Tonnes
18.04Hydraulic Brick Grab with swivel£40.00£200.001.0 Tonnes
18.05Kerb lifter£15.00£38.000.5 Tonnes10 mm - 560 mm
18.06Vacuum slab lifter + Attachments 1: Slab(SM10S) 2. Kerb (SM10K) 3. Ribbed Slab(SM10R)£45.00£225.000.4 Tonnes
66A.11Clad Boy - Roof Sheet Lifter up to 18 m Sheets£350.00£350.00
60.10Muck Skip£45.00£45.00200 L
30.01Concrete Skip£35.00£105.00500 L
66A.09Crane outrigger mats - set of 4£50.00£50.00Size: 800mm x 800mm x 60mm
66A.12Minifor 110 volt Electric Winch TR50 + 25m Rope£60.00£190.000.5 Tonnes
18.08Sutbusta 240 volt Exhaust Filter for all Diesel Machines (min 1 Week Hire)£300.00£300.00
68.10Beam Lifting Clamp£10.00£30.002.0 Tonnes75 mm to 240 mm
68.10Beam Lifting Clamp£10.00£30.003.0 Tonnes95 mm to 335 mm
68.10Beam Lifting Clamp£10.00£30.005.0 Tonnes95 mm to 330 mm
All prices exclude VAT (Account Holder Price List)

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